Summer Time

 Welcome back Natural Health Family! How is everyone doing today? I imagine you are off to a good start or at least moving in the right direction. We are moving into summer and with that being said it is important to keep up with the basics. 

In regards to health we want to help ourselves but eating good food and staying hydrated especially as the temperatures get warmer. The year comes in cycles and summer is a time to get outside when we can and do activities that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do when it is colder. I think we can all agree that when the sun is shining and we can get outside it feels good. There is good research to show that a little sunshine is good for our health and well being. Many times when we eat good foods and stay hydrated that we feel and function better. It can also work the other way. When we feel good by moving and allowing ourselves to enjoy the summer time we tend to resonate more with eating good foods and drinking good fluids. So when you have a feeling to get outside, go for a walk, go to the park, or do some other activity, then do so. It can be healthy to listen to your body and switch up your routine. 

Our health is our greatest attribute. It is also natural and normal to be healthy. That being said, we all can get unbalanced or have different issues that may arise. Therefore, we can help support ourselves in different ways to live a good healthy life. Let the summer time be a good way to have some fun while staying healthy in the process.

Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip