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     Well I heard people complaining last month or so about the ground being dry and I think after this weekend, that problem is over. We should have lots of May flowers after all these April Showers and the moisture should last us a while. It seems we always get at least one or two big rains during the Spring and Saturday’s rain was one of those big ones. Then comes along this week and it’s going to  seem cold but it’s actually just Spring weather. We’re starting to use more of our allergy relief nutrition as the trees are all budding out and more pollen and dust in the air. At least that’s one good use for a masks – ha.

     This month we’re talking about food and environmental allergies and Sun health. The article that I’ve enclosed looks at the lack of minerals throughout the population due to two main factors, one being the  soils that our food are grown on are deficient and the second being that people eat too many foods that are processed and the minerals have been removed. We have a special reflex that we look at when we do our Nutrition Response Testing and get people fed with a good  mineral supplement. Plus we only use Whole Food supplements, not the synthetic kinds found at retail stores. Vitamins and minerals are essential to good health and many people think that they just naturally get them in their foods without consideration for the processing and where the foods came from. If you add in all the chemicals used to grow commercial foods, you really understand that they are not nutritious and sometimes even toxic. There is lots to learn about foods and where they came from and that’s one of our goals at Natural Health, to get our patients to understand how to choose good foods that  have the vitamins and minerals that we need for good health. We are here to help you and yours find true health.

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