Sunshine and Vitamin D

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

beautiful weekend and I hope you were able to enjoy the nice weather and have a
Blessed Easter, with you and yours! I even had fun mowing the grass and it sure
smells good, especially after a long and dreary winter. Even though the winter
weather was not real bad this year, it was still winter and I’m glad it’s over.
I hope that you can get outside and enjoy the sunshine so that your vitamin D
levels start rising. Most folks, at the end of winter, have low vitamin D
levels and this is what starts them into continual colds and/or summer
“allergies”. We help a lot of our patients get over these colds and keep their
lymphatics drained so that they’re not bothered with allergy symptoms all
summer. We have a lot of great products and great advice here at Natural Health
to help our patients be healthy.

month in our patient education workshops and health shops, were talking about
“spring allergies”. This week is our bye week and it worked out well because we
took off this Monday after Easter to enjoy our families a little more. Next
Monday is our second patient education workshop for the month and we are
starting to get people to come back to those. The mainstream media had
everybody so fearful that folks stayed home during the Covid propaganda, but that
story is definitely fading now. People want to get out and learn more about
actual real health. Live audiences are much more fun than talking in front of a
camera and hoping it goes somewhere. And the information that we give out has
worked for centuries and is not somebody’s narrative or marketing ploy. Eating
foods that nourish the body, not eating junk food that destroy the body, and
getting good chiropractic adjustments for normal nerve flow, have always worked
towards promoting health, in other words, the truth actually works!

article that I’m sending along looks at the problem with the practice of
injecting mRNA vaccines into animals, and the possible side effects of this in
the human population. We’re seeing a lot of information on alternate media, but
now even some on the mainstream media, on some of the side effects of the jab.
The article talks about folks being concerned that these jabs can affect those
who eat the meat of animals that have been jabbed. This is another reason were
promoting the use of locally raised organic foods in the office. This way, you
know what food you’re getting and what you’re putting into your body. Our
environment has enough other problems that sometimes we can’t do anything
about, like breathing the air, but if we can be aware of and not use products
that we know have problems, our bodies can remove the toxins and not get
overloaded by the onslaught of environmental issues and foods that have
chemicals and things in them. It’s a “pick your battle” scenario. We have many
handouts and lots of information at Natural Health, to share with our patients
to help them be healthy, and to help their family and friends be healthy. 

Click here to read article.

Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark