Swimming with Masks?

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     I hope that you all had a great weekend. It’s nice that we’re having a Spring this year rather than just going into Summer. I was kind of worried there earlier as we had some very warm days but looking forward to a 2 inch snow this week – ha. We’re getting lots of patients coming in with allergy issues and aches and pains from working in the yard. Don’t forget about our Albizia Complex  product for those Spring allergy symptoms. This product works by helping the liver to drain lymphatic so is actually helpful as compared to over-the-counter allergy medications which are hard on the liver and kidneys. And don’t forget about our two workhorse products -Cataplex ACP and Boswellia Complex which helps with the aches and pains of being overworked. We are  basically helping the body to heal up from the damage done from overwork, again in contrast to over-the-counter pain relievers that stop inflammation and cause more arthritis because the body doesn’t heal correctly. Don’t worry – we’ll have our Summer soon I’m sure, and be wishing for cooler weather – ha.

     I’ve included an interesting article today that looks  at a new law passed in Spain where even swimmers have to wear a mask. Now it was revised quickly but it just shows some of the lack of common sense in some of these bureaucrats thinking. These people have lost all of  connection to the average person and the use of common sense to figure out issues. At Natural Health, we look at what works to get people to be healthy and not just trying all kinds of crazy ideas and using new rules. Our information is based on years and years of experience and knowing what actually works in the human body to be healthy and not just covering up symptoms. 

     This week’s Health shop looks at leaky gut which is a major problem for many people. This is part of our information during April on allergies and Sun health. Most of the patients that come into our office have some form of leaky gut which is basically due to all the processed foods and environmental toxins that we get a hold of and even some of the genetically modified foods, like  the wheat and gluten connection. It should be a great class and if you don’t catch it live , it will be on YouTube, Rumble, and Brighteon.com. Speaking of social media, we have a list of Independent Media sources that are available at our office and probably one of the best ones is the High Wire with Del Bigtree. You can find it at thehighwire.com. The mainstream media is propaganda and is something we can do without, especially the fear-mongering and the lies and deception. Get the real truth in health information and use your own good common sense to determine what’s right for you.

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