That’s The Spirit!

 Hello Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone is getting all ready for some celebrations. It’s that time of the year where we have more excuses to have more gatherings, have more fun, and appreciate the time we have together. Christmas, along with other holidays, are a way to bring back the spirit of living life more fully. The Christmas spirit can remind us of our fun nature to let go more and embrace what is now. 

I’m sure that when it comes to Christmas and that of other holidays everyone

sees it differently. Perhaps it reminds us of many great memories that we have had in the past, reminds us of those loved ones that are no longer with us, or a chance for a new opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. Whatever it may be, we have the ability to choose what Christmas means to us. Although it may be chaotic, it may seem like we have to do all these activities, or buy all the presents, we can always choose to see it differently. We can decide to embrace all the seemingly craziness of it all and make it a joyous celebration. The buying of all the presents, the wrapping the boxes, the spilled food, the tasty treats, the seemingly heated disputes, the long conversations, the confrontations, the loudness, the broken glass, the dropped ornaments, the joking, the laughing, the mishaps and wrong dos, whatever it may be we can choose to embrace it as part of the process and do what is needed to recalibrate. Not everything goes the way we think it may be, but we can decide to acknowledge the spirit of the holidays and appreciate all that life has to offer. 

The holiday season helps to remind us of all the many things we can be grateful for. Many people don’t get to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. So wherever you may find yourself this holiday season know that you can decide to be the one to bring the Christmas spirit to others. It is not only great to receive but blessed to give what we have to others, including the holiday spirit. I hope this message finds you all well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Dr. Chip