The Currency of Health

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. It was a great weekend filled with great weather and people coming together for celebrations. Nowadays, it appears that there are many things and events going on in the world that can be fearful and at times quite overwhelming. Much of it is causing turmoil and confusion for many people. This unfortunately causes many to become scared due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of what is happening. Nonetheless, it is important to be able to do our best to balance staying informed while also focusing on what we are able to control and make a change if needed.

So what do we have control over or what can we do for ourselves and others? When we watch the news or anything going on in the world that brings suffering or feelings of fear, anger, grief, etc. we can consider that we are able to maintain our own well being if we are aware of this happening. These feelings of course are not good or bad but if indulged in then can cause people to be focused on what is going wrong in the world rather than all the good. If we are not careful it can lead us to become negative and further depletes our energy. However, if we can see all what is happening and have a neutral lens we are able to use it to turn the tide and see what we can do to help ourselves and others. 

In these times of what seems like extremes we can come to realize more of how we respond to our environment and what is going on in the world. When we know how to take care of ourselves and do what is needed for our own well being then we are able to adapt in a more optimal manner. As the times are changing fast, health will be a much needed currency. When we are able to be healthy ourselves we are able to be more productive and also able to help others. 

So wherever you are in life know that when you help yourself with your own health you are helping others too. Our health is one thing that we do have control over. Sometimes it is a matter of taking action and doing what is right. Sometimes it means to let go and know things are working out in the proper way. When we are well we show others what is possible. Change is happening, so let’s be the change towards a healthier and happier world.

Thanks for reading. 

Dr. Chip