The Heart

 Hey Natural Health Family. This month is heart health month. With heart dis-ease being one of the top illnesses in the U.S. we can see that there is obviously an issue with how we see health. Our health is greatly important if we want to live any life or a life that brings us joy. When we are healthy we feel good and when we feel good we are able to have a better outlook on our lives. However, even with the greatest technological advances in modern healthcare, the U.S. is ranked close to the bottom in our health outcomes. Let’s open up our minds and hearts and talk about a different perspective of health. 

Have you ever wondered about the increase in all the dis-eases in the past years? It appears that illness is the new normal. Even the CDC shows on their website that 6/10 people have one or more chronic dis-ease and 4/10 have two or more. For many people this makes us further consider what has changed or why haven’t we been improving in our health as a nation. Of course there could be many reasons for this. Nevertheless, we can consider how we approach the health problems that we face today. Many of us hear about the bacteria, germs, or viruses that cause illness to our body. We hear about issues that seemingly come out of nowhere and ignorantly (for lack of better words) assume can’t be helped. That we are somehow fragile and destined for a future stuck with a sickness. This is a way that people have seen for many years. However, this is only one way to see the picture of health and sickness. 

Have you ever wondered about all the human body does on a day to day basis? Let’s just look at the heart for now. The heart beats around 115,000 times per day. The heart pumps more than 2,000 gallons of blood every day through 100,000 miles of various blood vessels. It is the first organ that is made in the human body. The heart is responsible for pumping all the blood in the body which contains important nutrients that help feed the cells of our bodies. When the cells are fed well then our bodies function properly. Much like if you had people working on a project all day with no food or water, the people would start to get tired, irritated, and soon the project would either slow down or come to a complete stop. You can see our bodies being similar if we are not taking care of them, feeding our bodies with good nutrients and hearts with things that bring us joy will help bring about health.

The heart is an amazing part of our body and there is more research to suggest its powerful capabilities. Many times we don’t know things with our heads but can feel it in our hearts what is the truth. When we start to realize more of what we are capable of we will stop treating sickness as something we have to attack but rather as the body needing help to restore it back to true health. One small shift for man, one giant shift for the world.

Thanks for reading.    

Dr. Chip