The Heat Is On

 Hello again Natural Health Family. It appears that we are flying through July and deeper into the summer weather. The hotter temps mean more ability to get outside and do what we want to do. People will do various activities because of so many different likes and tastes. It is interesting how people see things differently which allows us to have a more unique experience during the summer and the rest of the year. 

Have you ever played a sport or any fun activity, perhaps when you were younger, and at first it was all fun and games but when the stakes were high or it got really close both sides got heated up. This can happen for many different reasons. However, sports really can help us see how the best become the best. The players that are at the top of their game understand that at a certain time either side of the court, net, field, etc. will get fired up. The energy will shift depending on certain happenings that occur. They also know that this is a play of energy. The energy can be great especially if you have momentum going in the direction you want it to go such as a baseball team who gets hit after hit. The players will say “this bat is hot.” Which is not because the temperature of the bat is hot but that the energy is high. Great players know that you can use the energy or heat to push towards a great advantage over the other opponents. However, they also know that there are ups and downs. It is not going to go 100% great all the time. When the low comes it is up to us to keep our heads when others are losing theirs. The lows can simply be challenges for us to not overly react to but respond appropriately and find the next best solution. 

In the heat of the moment, life can seem to be at extremes either positive or negative. Summer is a time for fun moments, being with family and/or friends, and also getting work done. Make this summer fun and when there are lows, don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes we can take a step back and enjoy the rhythm and dance to the tune of life.

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip