The Need to Be Right

The Need to Be Right
            I’m sure that you have talked with
people and discovered their need to be right. Everyone wants others to
emotionally feel close to them and that what they are doing, whatever it is, is
the right way to do it or is best. Many people we have talked to, have been
doing things a certain way for years, or decades, or even for generations. In
their mind all that time makes it seem right. The question to ask though-is it?
Many of these notions are based on outdated or uninformed ideas and may have
even worked well for a while but the end result is not turning out as expected.
It may also take some time, as in years or decades, to see the results of a
wrong idea or a wrong action. You may have heard the expression about being “happy
in your misery” or “being dead right”. These are expressions about people
thinking they are doing the right thing but in reality, they’re not.
            Another part of this “need to be
right” psychology is those of a professional nature. For instance, you may know
people that are police officers and they always seem to think people are guilty
first and must prove their innocence before this person will accept the others
word as truth. Another example would be folks in the acting business thinking
that everyone else is just acting, not really being truthful but playing out
life on a stage the way they want to. These people have a hard time “walking in
someone else’s shoes”. They can’t seem to open their mind to another viewpoint
and be able to consider it logically without a negative emotional response.
            We see this from time to time here
at the office. People will come in to be tested as they are suffering from
health issues that are not being helped with what they are already doing. We
give them answers that they should accept and work on but they, or their
spouse, or their family tells them that this way could not possibly work. These
people have a need to be right in their misery. If our patient would get well
it would mean that whatever these folks had been doing was wrong. It does take
hard work and time to change and to learn how to be healthy in a world that is
full of advertising for profit without consideration of health. An example of
this is how many margarine commercials have you seen with healthy people in
them? Or how many soda pop commercials have you seen with everyone looking
healthy and happy? This used to be the same way for smoking, lots of
commercials with happy and healthy people so it must be the right thing? If a
person is going down a life path that is making them tired and ill with more
and more medications and surgeries, and financial debt- let’s not forget that, is
this the right path to a good life or to vibrant health? I think not!
            At Natural Health Chiropractic
Center, we have the clinically proven methods to get people healthy and well
and living a vibrant life. Many people feel that the chiropractic adjustment is
only for pain relief and adjusting works well for that, but it also helps to
restore normal nerve function to all the organs and glands of the body so it
can work correctly. Our Nutrition Response Testing technique is an easy and
quick way to determine what a patient needs nutritionally, to help them to heal
and strengthen, and what foods they need to stay away from, and what foods to
eat to help their particular genetic predisposition work at optimum. Allopathic
medicine works toward symptom relief, which is great for that problem. We work
towards the cause of the symptom or health problem. This is a different
philosophy and must be logically considered to be actually healthy. In our
society in the United States, our health care system, which is actually disease
management, is broke. You can look at almost any statistic from the CDC and you
will find that all diseases are getting worse and the costs are going up. This
is the reality whether we like it or not. We have a better way at Natural
Health Chiropractic Center that will hopefully become the norm in years to
come, but at this time, seems futuristic and almost unbelievably simple. We are
here to help you and yours with true health information and guidance for diet
and lifestyle that are clinically proven. Another point-you cannot do
randomized controlled trials or research on humans with nutrition. There is a
problem with ethics and control of too many variables. In other words, you
won’t see “scientific” data on all this. Plus there’s no Big Money in it, and
no political control. Remember, you are what you eat! We just do what is
clinically proven for that individual person to regain health and have a great
life. For over 35 years, we’ve helped thousands of patients and can help
you!-Dr. Mark