The truth about vitamin D deficiency

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

I hope that no one blew away over the weekend.  It sure was windy but at least the wind blew us some rain so things are greening up nicely.  I had to be out of town and when we were flying back Sunday, it got pretty bouncy when we landed.  It’s so great to see everything green up and even the tree leaves are starting to come out.  Spring is such a season of hope and eternal renewal.  This is more for nature but it also looks at our health and why we need to be in good health so that we can enjoy the great outdoors as it gets nicer and nicer.  Some folks are still fighting colds and sinus drainage and again, we have great products to help the body get over those things.

I hope that you can also attend our health shops that we’re having on Monday nights at 6:15 live on Facebook and Instagram and then we will eventually put those on and Youtube.  This month were talking about spring allergies and this week we’re talking about vitamin D deficiency, which gives us symptoms of spring allergies.  Our bodies have a great detox and drainage system already to use if we have not overburdened it over time and have the correct nutrients for the body to be able to use these systems.  If the liver is overloaded, the lymphatics back up into the sinuses and we get a lot of allergy symptoms.  We have special nutrition that we use to help the liver handle this burden so it can drain the lymphatics as it was supposed to.  There are also dietary changes to make that help the whole system work better.  The health shops are always full of useful information and we try to keep them simple and fairly short so that people can enjoy them without getting too much information at one time.  Sure hope to see you there.

The article than sending along looks at the use of Curcumin with digestive issues.  We use Curcumin a lot here at Natural Health as it not only helps digestive issues but also helps with detoxing and drainage of the lymphatics.  The article talks about Curcumin taking the place of a proton pump inhibitors and that would be great.  Proton pump inhibitors, while helping the symptom, make the actual underlying problem worse and people don’t realize that they are not digesting and absorbing their food if they stop the body from producing stomach acid.  Again, like most medications, they do help the symptom that makes the underlying problem worse, or never handled by anyone, and the patients’ health is worsened over time.  Almost all medications were only meant to be taken short term, to handle a condition, and then the underlying cause should be figured out.  Modern medicine forgets the second part and just keeps prescribing medications.  At Natural Health, we’re always looking at the underlying cause of why the problem, or symptom, is there.  When you’re handling the underlying problem, you’re actually getting to the root of the problem and not covering up with medication.  I feel that this is a form of medical slavery because you’re only looking at treatments that mainstream medicine can get paid for with your insurance.  No medical freedom there.  At Natural Health, we want to make sure our patients are actually healthy and have great energy and can really enjoy life.  What other kind of life is worth living? 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark