Time To Listen

 Hello Natural Health Family. I imagine you are all doing well today. This past weekend was a time for celebrating with family. Many of the family being much older and some being much younger. Nevertheless, many of the discussions were about what others went through back then and how they see the times now. Our viewpoints can help us understand how we all see the world and our ability to listen can be a key factor. 

When talking to the older generation you get to hear about what all they got to experience. Whether it was the vast changes in technology like the black and white tv to color tv, the introduction to new phones, or the events such as war you start to understand the lens through which the older generation views things. Many times when interacting with others we may forget the differences of how others view the world. We may jump to a conclusion before hearing possible insights of what others had to experience. Although there are key characteristics that the older generation can help us learn such as hard work, determination, resiliency, etc. we can also learn from all the age groups if we are willing to listen carefully. 

How about the little ones? Kids can have amazing imaginations. They can typically make something out of nothing. They may see things or interpret the environment much differently than adults. As kids are growing up they are interpreting the world through a much different lens than the elderly. They are collecting and gathering information and trying to make sense of what is around them. Their minds are like sponges and soak up things that many adults would possibly ignore. Typically younger kids are able to learn faster so as the world changes fast they may be the ones to help with different areas of life such as new technology. They also lead the way to new ideas that can possibly have great changes on our lives. 

Sometimes people can get too much into their thinking which inhibits them to listen. We may feel we need to think more of the time based on preparing for any possible issues we might encounter. However, when we listen we are able to be more present which can help us avoid issues later. This could be listening to other people, our bodies, or perhaps those times when we feel we just know something. Feel free to listen more today and see what changes for you in your life.

Dr. Chip