Tis’ The Season of Health

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

we had a fairly nice weekend, a little cold but no snow. The temperatures have
gotten low enough that snow could be possible and the calendar sure says so
too. I hope that you were able to enjoy your weekend and get rested up for the
big week coming up with the Christmas holidays. I hope that you and yours can
get together and enjoy each other’s company and catch up on all the news from
the past year. I sure hope that 2022 is a much better year but with all the
“stuff” going on, it remains to be seen.

                In our
health shop this week, we will be talking about The Gift of Health and Giving.
We have been talking about the stress of the holiday seasons in previous health
shops but hopefully were passed that and can focus on the reason for the
season. Everyone has their own thoughts and choices that they would like to be
acknowledged for but they may not agree with other people’s thoughts and
choices. I like to think that we’re all here on a life journey and must figure
this out for ourselves. If were told to do something, it only last for a short
time but if we learn it for ourselves, it makes more sense and we can make it
into a lifestyle choice. This is not only for food choices but for emotional
and relationship, and even religious, choices as well. Here’s hoping that
everyone finds their path to a better life with less stress and more patience
with their fellow man.

article that I’m including looks at someone who is waking up to what’s been
going on in their profession and seeing that it has been going on for quite
some time. It’s interesting that they can’t understand why other people in
their profession are not following in their footsteps but again, as talked
about in the paragraph above, people have to learn their own paths and we must
be patient. At least this covid stuff is pointing out the bad players in our
society and hopefully over time, we can correct this. There are so many good
people in this world and I think if they can open their mind to truth, we can
make this world even better. As an aside, I posted this article on social media
and FB instantly censored it so I tried another article with VAERS data from
the CDC, and they censored that too. Quite an interesting time in our society.

                As this
year ends, I want to say thanks to all those patients who came into our office
this year and I hope that we were able to help you in many ways, not only for
yourself but for those around you. Keep spreading the truth and be patient with
others and have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Happy New Year’s too. Let’s
all get healthier in 2022. 

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Dr. Mark