Well the
weekend started off dicey but it sure was a nice day yesterday. It makes you
feel like there’s hope that spring may be around the corner. The groundhog is
not supposed to see his shadow so hopefully that means that spring will come
early-ha. The winter hasn’t been too bad but started so early, remember back
there at Halloween? I think we’re all ready for some good weather and sunshine,
I know I am!

            As we started a new month, our theme
has changed to Heart Health. We’ve gotten a great device here at Natural Health
to look at heart health, the heart sound recorder. It gives us a way to look at
the valves of the heart and since the heart is a mirror of the rest of the
body, a way to look at the nutritional needs of the body. After the exam, we
get an idea of what whole food nutritional support that person may need. We’re
having some specials this month to get people to look at heart health so give
us shout or just come by, or watch our health shops on Monday nights at 6
o’clock for more information.

            I’ve included an article this month
that looks at stopping a law on mandatory vaccines. What does this have to do
with heart health? Well if we don’t pay attention, the vaccine manufacturers
and drug manufacturers will keep promoting themselves and making us do things
that keep us buying their products. In my world, this is not healthy and
especially not heart healthy. There’s been a push to promote these vaccine laws
so quickly that the population doesn’t have time to respond. In New Jersey they
did and good for them. Hopefully we can get these laws repealed that have
already been passed. I have no problem with people who want to take vaccines if
they think that is in their best interest but to force them on people who don’t
need or want them is not fair and is not healthy. Does it actually makes sense
to inject bugs and chemicals into the body through a needle and this is
supposed to increase immunity? People need to look at what strengthens their
immune system rather than trying to kill the bug all the time. There’s so much
information out there now on the lack of effectiveness of these vaccines and
dangers they present. 
Have a great February and don’t buy
a bunch of chocolate and junk for Valentine’s Day-ha. Maybe just flowers.

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Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark