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     Another great weekend and the weather has definitely gotten beautiful. The temperatures are great and the sky is so blue and the grass is still green so it’s a great time to be alive and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a little cooler than last week and it makes you think that we’re headed in that direction but hopefully the cold won’t be here for quite some time. It’s just nice to walk outside and enjoy the fresh air and the Beautiful temperatures. I hope that you were able to spend some time outside this weekend and get that vitamin D stored up for the winter. Just the action of walking outside is healthy and we should take advantage of it now while the weather is so good. Walking is such a great exercise for health and being out in the fresh air it’s just that much better. There’s so many good things you can do to help your immune system and walking is definitely one of those.

     The article that I’m sending along this week looks at this vaccination and supposed pandemic business. I’ve been studying this for quite some time and I wish people would take a little more time to understand how the immune system works. You also need to go to Independent Media to get the actual facts as the mainstream is definitely propaganda and not giving you the whole picture. We have a list of Independent Media sources here at the office and are happy to give those out. Independent media sources are becoming more common as the censorship on big Tech has increased. Much of this is just common sense in knowing how the body works. It’s funny that for vaccines to work, you must have a working immune system but if you have a working immune system, you really don’t need the vaccine. And this covid jab is not a vaccine but an experimental gene therapy. The article that I’m sending along tries to dispel the falsehoods that the unvaccinated are the cause of the  variants when it is the vaccinated that put the stress on the virus to mutate and cause a variant. I also wish people would realize that they can figure this out themselves and not rely on the white coats who are controlled by the government agencies hooked into Big Pharma and the money that goes along with that. Years ago there were many more independent doctors out there in private practice but most of this has been absorbed into Hospital & Clinic settings which again are controlled by business managers that follow the money. It’s becoming a life-or-death decision on who to believe and who to get information from. At Natural Health, we work on getting all the information we can and finding out what works for the human body. It’s about results and true health and we’re here to help our patients with that, as we have been for almost 40 years now.

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