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     Another beautiful weekend and it really seems dry. We did some digging on a drainage tile and the ground is wet  down a foot or so. The grass is drying out and at least we’re not having to mow grass as much. There seems to be plenty of jobs to do outside as everyone knows the nice weather will not stay around forever. We’re going through a lot of Cataplex ACP and Boswellia Complex at our office as these two supplements really help to heal the body from all of the extra work and toil that we’re going through right now getting ready for  fall and winter. It’s a great time of year as the humidity is down and the farmers are starting to harvest. Be on the watch for equipment that they use on the roads as it goes pretty slow, but at least most of it is big and easy to see. Fall is such a great time of year, it’s just unfortunate we have to go through winter before getting back to Spring – ha.

     The article that I’ve included this week looks at some of the problems with the narrative that we’re hearing about with this virus business. I’m so amazed that mainstream medicine can’t make up their mind and can’t come to any discussed conclusions with other experts, and just follow the political narrative. If you don’t know what antibody-dependent enhancement means, you’re not following good science and following good sources of information and what may be coming this winter. As always, the way to get around this is with good nutritional supplements as needed, and watching the diet. We’re coming into the holiday season with Halloween first, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, Etc. All of these holidays give us the excuse to eat crappy food with high amounts of sugar and that is very hard on the immune system, actually why the flu season starts around this time. We’re also not getting as much Sunshine so most folks have a lack of vitamin D and I will start going to suntan beds, just for a small amount of time, as we lose the sunshine. I’m not thrilled with the advice to take high amounts of synthetic vitamin D3. I much prefer folks get their vitamin D precursors from good oil sources that are complete with the other parts of the vitamin D complex and then get sunshine or use suntan beds, if necessary, to activate it, as nature intended. High levels of the synthetic vitamin D3 in the bloodstream may be better than nothing but there are better and more natural ways to increase your vitamin D levels. It’s like comparing a roller skate to a Cadillac. At Natural Health, we are here to help your body work at Optimum and not just get by or just be pain free. Let’s look towards true actual Health at an Optimum level and getting off of all the prescription drugs which are hard on the body in one form or another.

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