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 Hello Everyone in the Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great weekend and enjoyed the rain.  It made for some damp, cold feelings but we
need the moisture.  We are finally into
December and now we can really start worrying about Christmas-ha.  We had some great health shops last month
talking about getting ourselves ready for winter and you can review them on
and on YouTube.  It’s kind of a strange
feeling in December where we are looking forward to the Christmas holiday but
not so much the winter weather. 
Hopefully, it will be a mild winter, more like last year, but we’ll see.

forgive about our health shops on Monday evening at 6:15. We’ve broadcast them
live on Instagram and Facebook and then put the recording on and YouTube.  In December, we will be talking about holiday
stress and eating and what to try to avoid in this holiday season.  Unfortunately, we have so many holiday
traditions of eating baked goods and cookies and candies which, I know the
bakers are using their craft to help people be happy, but the consequences can
be devastating for the new year.  This is
not only in weakening the immune system but also adding weight that people will
be worried about starting after the new year. 
We need to start new traditions like eating carrots rather than divinity

article that sending along this week looks at the need for vitamin B12 in
healing.  The article goes on to explain
many of the other reasons why this vitamin is important and the food sources
that this vitamin is in.  At Natural
Health, we think there is a need for all the vitamins, not just vitamin
B12.  The B vitamin family is especially
important to help folks handle stress and to keep their autonomic nervous
system able to calm down so they can rest at night, and have energy during the
day.  One of the biggest factors that
reduces the B vitamins in our body is refined carbohydrates, like refined
sugar.  This harkens back to the
information in the previous paragraph.  I
feel that this is a big component as to why people get so stressed out during
the holidays and why families have squabbles. 
If everyone was cool and calm and could talk to each other without
emotions, the holidays would be much more enjoyable.  Life is just too short to not pay attention
to these things and not be able to enjoy your friends and family.  We know that people will not live forever but
we want people to live well as long as they can.  

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