Vitamins and The Immune System

I hope that
you enjoyed the weekend and were able to get out and soak up some sunshine to
help increase those vitamin D levels and support your immune system. With all
the virus stuff going on right now, I would definitely take the time to get
outside and enjoy sunshine whenever possible, and the fresh air. We have
noticed and uptick in the pollens out there so increase your Antronex, Albizia
Complex, or Sinus Forte. Of course, we have these at the office if you need
some. And the good news is that our stock of Immuplex and Viranon are in good
shape so we can help to strengthen your immune system with all of these

            I’ve included an article this week
on how the lack of B vitamins weakens the immune system, along with vitamin C
complex, and guess which vitamins are burned up when people eat refined
carbohydrates? You guessed it-B vitamins, so don’t eat refined carbohydrates
please! Enjoy the article. Our health shop was tonight at 6
o’clock on Facebook and Instagram where we discussed what the immune
system is and how to help it from a Natural Health perspective. Check out the video on Facebook

            We noticed that all other businesses
are putting out what they’re doing to stop the spread of this Wuhan virus so
here is our list. We are washing our hands before and after each patient,
disinfecting all surfaces on tables and pens and doorknobs after patients come
and go (of course using nonlethal cleaning products), I am checking the staff’s
health weekly to make sure their immune systems are strong and they have no
symptoms, the staff is on immune supporting supplements so we don’t have to
worry about the buggies, we have masks and gloves available at patient
requests, and then our 2 secret weapons-we have EMF protection devices that we
use personally and for the office, and running ozone units 24/7 in the office
to kill off all the buggies. The ozone units and the EMF protection are things
that other offices and clinics don’t even know about and that we’ve done all
the time, even before this problem that we face. We plan to stay open and help
out anyone we can by increasing their immune system’s ability to handle
buggies. Getting adjusted to help the nervous system, eating good foods and
taking supplements, and emotional work to handle stress is the best things we can
all do. 

Click here to read article from Dr. Mark

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark