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Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great holiday season, and survived-ha.  The weather wasn’t too bad so it made travel
easier.  We did have a little snow, it
just didn’t end up on Christmas.  There
are plenty of Christmas scenes on YouTube with snow so we can watch those if
you want to see that sort of thing.  I
hope that you were able to enjoy the holidays and not get stressed out too
much.  Remember that all of the “bad”
foods that you might have gotten into can reduce the strength of the immune
system and lend towards sickness.  We’re
already hearing of quite a few cases of flu and colds from not only the recent
holidays but from Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations as well.  We have lots of great products here at
Natural Health, to help with strengthening the immune system.  We still have a long way to go to get through

We have missed our health shops the
last two weeks because they landed on Mondays but will be ready for the next one
coming up on the eighth.  We’ve got great
responses from folks who have watched our earlier ones and enjoyed the
information that they give them to make health decisions.  One of our goals here at Natural Health for
2024, is to help educate patients more, and the public more, on how to be
actually healthy and not be afraid of the environment.  I still get a kick out of people who wear
masks every so often, thinking they are helping themselves or helping others,
but the actual “science” shows that this is not the case.  At Natural Health, we work on the other side
of the coin and help to strengthen the immune systems so that we don’t have to
worry about all the bugs out there. 
These bugs have been around for millennia and our bodies have developed
an immune system that can handle them all. 
The problem comes in when we eat things, and stress ourselves, that burn
up our nutritional stores that we need for the immune system to work
correctly.  When it doesn’t, the bugs can
get in and cause trouble so the body has to go through a “sickness” to work it
all out.  We can avoid this by keeping
the immune system strong and that’s what good nutrition, and supplements if
needed, can accomplish.

article that I’m sending along today looks at the condition called Sepsis,
which is a blood infection, and can be handled as we talked about in the
previous paragraph.  There are ways of
knowing if the body has the energy to heal itself and that’s what our Nutrition
Response Testing technique tells us.  As
the article explains, many people who succumb to this Sepsis, have no idea of
where their immune system is and once they have one more stress to the body,
its lights out.  Our goal at Natural
Health, is to keep people actually healthy so that they are confident in their ability
to handle the environment that we deal with everyday.  Our bodies are able to handle a lot of stress
but it must have the nutritional support for all the systems to work as
intended.  Wouldn’t you like to know if
you’re healthy or not?  

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Get Healthy, Stay
Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark