What A Great Weekend!

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

beautiful weekend and I hope you were able to enjoy it! Things are still so
nice and green and we even got a little rain to help keep that going. The grass
is growing well and the tree leaves are getting bigger, as well as all the
crops in the farmlands, and of course, the weeds in the garden. Everything’s
growing and it’s great to be here in the Midwest and see that happen. We’re
having a little heat during the day from time to time but then some cooler
nights which makes the mornings so enjoyable. The days have been getting longer
but that will soon change and will head back the other way. Time just gets by
so quickly, so enjoy every day as you can.

month were talking about Men’s Health and in this week’s health shop, we will
be talking about Prostate Issues. As always though, we have lots of general
information that everyone can get some good from and help them to be healthier.
We get lots of feedback from folks on how they enjoy our health shops and we
really enjoy putting them on too. Again, they are live at 6:15 on Monday nights
and then we will post them to Brighteon.com and YouTube. I hope that you can
get a chance to review these health shops and even look for certain topics if

article that I’m sending along this week looks at phyto-chemicals in mushrooms
and how they are so helpful to the body. My point is that there are many types
of these nutrients in plants that our bodies use to be healthy and even though
we don’t know what those names are, or can pronounce them, eating healthy
sources of food is the fuel that our bodies are meant to work on. This is not
only for energy but for repair of tissues and replacement of old minerals so
the body can stay young. People that age quickly do not have enough nutritional
building blocks to repair the damage of all the environmental stress they are
under. At Natural Health, we help our patients to be at optimum energy so that
their bodies can replace itself and heal as it needs, thus avoiding early aging
and degenerative type diseases. Mainstream medicine is all about treatment and
that’s fine if you’re already in a disease state, but we feel that using a few
basic rules in our daily lives with regards to what we eat and what’s in our
environment, we can prevent the need for all this treatment. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark