What a Weekend

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     I hope that you were able to get out there and enjoy a beautiful weekend. Thankfully. we got back to some nicer Temps and some beautiful sunshine. I’m afraid our luck is running out though, in that the hard freezes started the leaf falling process and pretty soon  it will look like winter out there. Hopefully we’ll keep some warmer temps for a while and get through Thanksgiving and maybe even Christmas, without too much frigidity. We’re getting caught up on most of our outside chores but it seems like you can always find more. Any excuse to get outside while the weather is still decent is one we’ll take.


  Don’t forget that during this month we’re talking about getting ready for winter and you can catch our health shops on Monday night at 6 live and we will be talking a lot about that. If not, you can review our videos on brighteon.com and Rumble and YouTube. This week we’re talking about the topic of “Why do I get sick?” and it should be an interesting topic, especially when we’re looking at immune system issues for the last Almost 2 years now. The biggest problem I have with people getting vaccinated is not the vaccine, this last new one is a problem though, but that as soon as they get this shot they think they can do anything and not even think about strengthening their immune system. It’s like taking a pill for pain and not getting to the underlying cause of why it’s there. Our society has gotten so used to these medical treatment procedures and not thinking about what it takes to be actually healthy. Even with our kids, many of the moms think that just getting vaccinated takes care of all the problems and the kids can eat all the donuts and junk food they want and somehow I’ll be okay. It doesn’t work that way. At Natural Health we help our patients to know what actual true health is and then they don’t have to fear any of the bugs out there. The Paradox here is that even vaccines need a healthy immune system for them to work as they’re supposed to, and if a person had a healthy  immune system, they would need the vaccine in the first place. We’re also seeing more and more news come out about the fact that natural immunity is much more vibrant and Lasting than this artificial stuff from vaccines. And this latest one is not even an actual vaccine but an experimental gene therapy.


 The article I’m sending along looks at why the mandates are not really a mandates but a type of “Game of Chicken” to see who will get who to do what. I fear there will be some major issues coming up in the next 10 years that are the result of this experimental Jab. We’re already seeing quite a few of the effects on the VEARS data at the CDC and  this is just the beginning. At Natural Health, we’re trying to find help for those that have taken the jab and are not feeling very well and not able to recover completely. Again, natural immunity is so much more important now than ever and we’re here to help.

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