What causes Hiccups?

What causes Hiccups?
As you may
or may not realize, hiccups are symptom due to a spasm in the diaphragm. In the
world of natural healing, we feel that anything can cause anything. 
There must
be some trigger though, for that individual to have the hiccups. This could be
due to food allergies, indigestion and bloating, excitement, stress or other
emotions, and subluxation in the cervical spine. The nerves that come from the
spine at the C4 spinal level innervate the diaphragm. 
We have had very good
success in stopping hiccups by adjusting the upper cervical spine, especially
the C4 area if it is subluxated. The T6 spinal level is involved with digestion
and adjusting this area can also alleviate digestive problems that can stop the
We have also found that using nutritional supplements to help with
digestion, i.e. enzymes and betaine hydrochloride, reduce the indigestion and
bloating and help to alleviate the food allergies which could lead to the
symptom of hiccups.
 Emotions that cause hiccups would normally need B vitamin
complexes to help the body handle stress better and also remove the symptom of
Just like the many causes of headache, the many causes of hiccups are
individual and must be individually treated.
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