What Does Health Mean To You?


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Another great weekend but it’s
starting to get dry. The temperatures were nice but it looks like it’s going to
get warmer this week. Don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
and getting some sea salt or mineral salt in the diet. It seems that every year
when school starts it gets hot but it won’t last long. Fall is just around the
corner and it’s a great time of year too.

            Our theme for this month has been on
brain health and in our health shop this week were talking about hydration and
exercise. I love to talk about salt because people have been told for so long
that salt is bad for them because of blood pressure issues, and while that may
be somewhat true for processed salt, our bodies need good quality mineral salt
or sea salt for the kidneys to work correctly, and many other functions of the
body. If the kidneys don’t work correctly, you will have blood pressure issues
so a moderate amount of salt is definitely good for the body and necessary for
good health.

            And speaking of good health, I’m
including an article today that talks about metabolic health and why that is so
important to good immune system function. People that are overweight or that
can’t seem to lose weight have a problem with metabolic health or insulin
resistance. Insulin resistance comes from the overuse of refined sugars for
long periods of time that overwork the body’s sugar handling systems and cause
a failure of the body’s ability to handle it correctly and efficiently. It’s
been estimated that more than 90% of Americans have some form of metabolic
problem. This is thanks to mainstream medicines bad information on diet, or
sometimes no information. People are left to decide what to eat by the advertisements
on TV and this has gotten us into big trouble in this country on the health
front. This is why diabetes is so rampant among the population. Even the FDA’s
food pyramid is supported by Big Food and the money that they spend on
advertising and persuasion. As an old farm boy, I know that if you want to
fatten up hogs and cattle you feed them grains.

            At Natural Health, were concerned
with getting our patients bodies working at optimum and being able to heal
themselves and stay healthy, and have a positive outlook on life. It makes more
sense to be healthy and not worry. 

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Patient Testimony: 

What was it like before I came to Dr.

seeing Dr. Mark I was tired, my joints hurt, everything gave me indigestion or
heartburn.  My hair was dry like
straw.  I had a craving for anything with

How is it now:

After seeing
Dr. Mark I wake up like a twelve year old, full of energy.  My joints seldom ache, my indigestion is
gone.  My hair and fingernails grow
quickly, my hair is normal. I no longer wear glasses. I do not crave sugar. I
feel fine.  (B.D.)

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well