What is Cal-Amo?

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finally got some rain so it was nice to see everything greening back up again
this morning. And it’s cooled down some so that’s great to keep the
air-conditioners from running all the time. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time
for that as we will have summer here soon. One of the biggest things were seeing
at the office, that is weather-related, is people getting dehydrated. And just as
an explanation, dehydration is not just a lack of water or fluids, but the need
for the electrolytes as well. The term “Electrolytes” is just a fancy word for
salt. We teach people at Natural Health to use sea salt or mineral salt, not
the refined white junk salt that you see on all the snacks, and processed
foods, and restaurant tables. I think this is something that is so simple
that’s overlooked by most people and can help prevent a lot of health problems
throughout the summer. I even think that people that are well hydrated, with
fluids and electrolytes, will not suffer the bug bites that people who are
dehydrated will. Again, it’s pretty important but overlooked. This is why we
use a lot of our product called Cal-Amo during the warm and humid times
throughout the year. This product is a calcium mineral salt and helps a ton
with that worn out feeling from lack of hydration, and the leg cramps and
muscle spasms that people get during the summer months.

month in our Health Shops and Patient Education Workshops, we are looking at
men’s health particularly but the information that we present will help with
everyone’s health. Just like the hydration information above, a holistic and
natural approach to health helps everyone. And like listed above, there are
many simple things people can do to help themselves be healthy, not only during
the warm months of the year, but all the time. A good example of this is that
during the summer months, people like to drink lemonade. Now the lemon juice
and the water are good for people, but all the sugar, of course, is not. It’s
another one of those sneaky things that taste good but is not healthy long

article that I’m sending along looks at the need for flavonoids to help with
age-related memory loss. Now, of course, when they do this kind of research,
they look at one thing causing one thing because that is as broad a scope as
they can understand by doing these studies. And, of course, then the object is
to sell people this one thing to help with this one thing. At Natural Health,
we are looking at a much broader approach to not only help with the complete
health of the body, but also using whole natural foods and whole natural food
supplements to help with whole Natural Health, not just treating one thing with
one thing. Many of the supplements that we use with our patients are given to
them for a certain reason, but after the body has healed that reason, the body
uses the whole food to help the rest of the body to be healthy. Whole food
supplements are much more complete and healthful then using a singular vitamin
for some purpose. Similar vitamins used for a purpose or almost another form of
using a drug for a purpose, but not as dangerous. At Natural Health, were
looking at a much broader and holistic approach to health and healing. Our
bodies are meant to run on actual foods in the form that nature makes them and
not on drugs or singular vitamins removed from a food source. Not that these
things don’t work or are not necessary at certain times, but they do not
promote long-term health. Actual food and hydration does. 

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