Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation – What a nice pre-Spring weekend.  The sun was out but it was cool.  We’re starting to see the grass green up a little and there are many flowers poking out of the ground and even some booming.  At this point in the year, I’m looking for to the grass mowing chore because of the great smell of fresh cut grass in the Spring.  It’s also time to think of Spring allergies and don’t forget that we have great products here to help drain lymphatics by helping the liver to have a higher capacity to handle the dust and mold and pollens and things.

In our health shops this month were talking about diet and digestion.  This week we’ll be talking about irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.  We help a lot of patients with this condition in our office and it is actually fairly easy to fix but you must handle the cause.  The causes can be figured out with a Nutrition Response Testing exam and with that information, we will then be able to help the body to heal the gut lining and get digestion back on track correctly.  The good news about the gut is that the cells replace themselves very quickly so it’s a shorter time to get results than with other conditions.  And our treatments are natural and work towards actual healing rather than just covering up the inflammation in the gut.  Most everyone that comes into our office has some type of digestion or gut problems and we are very successful in getting that system working correctly and bowels working normally.  Having a bowel movement at least once a day is a minimum for us but we’ve had people come in here that were going once a week or longer.  In my book, that is just asking for Bowel cancer.  Covering up bowel issues with Tum’s or some other over the counter medication, or even a proton pump inhibitor, may help the symptom at that time, but you’re asking for long-term health issues later.

The article that I’m sending along goes right along with this theme in that the article talks about teenagers using acne medication to handle their symptoms but not understanding that the chemicals involved are linked to leukemia.  Again, at Natural Health, we’re always looking at the underlying cause of the problems and not using chemicals or medication to cover up symptoms.  We use whole food concentrate supplements and whole herb supplements to help the body heal itself naturally and with no side effects.  The first rule in the Hippocratic oath is “First Do No Harm”.  I don’t think this rule is followed very well in mainstream medicine.  It’s time for us to take responsibility for ourselves and friends and family and learn what actually helps people be healthy.  We have great resources here at Natural Health for that, with handouts and information at our health shops, a great web site to visit at naturalhealthquincy.com, and our patient education workshops, and very knowledgeable staff.  We’re here to help you on your real health journey.  And please, please, please tell your friends and neighbors about how we at Natural Health can help them be healthy and stay away from all the medications and treatments in the mainstream. 

Read article: Popular Acne Treatments Used by Millions of Teens Contain High Levels of Chemical Linked to Leukemia

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

– Dr. Mark