What should I eat

What Should I Eat?

            This is a question that we’re asked
all the time. And it’s a little more complex than it would seem at first
glance. Our main long-term goal is to get patients off of refined flour and
sugar as these are anti-nutrients. They rob the body of minerals and vitamins
that the body can use repair itself or improve immune system function. We try
to do this on a gradient scale as the person is able to increase their mineral
intake which helps to reduce the cravings for sugar. Sugar creates an endorphin
release when consumed and this is what causes the almost addictive nature of

            At Natural Health, we strive to
reduce patients’ addiction to sugar over time but understand that it is there.
This means that we cannot give you the perfect diet sheet because one diet
doesn’t work for everyone all the time during your treatment. This is one of
the major purposes of the diet sheet, to help, over time, remove the bad foods
and increase the good foods. Every patient is different on how fast they can do
this and still be able to stay with the program. We have some patients who can
go off of sugars and white flour cold turkey and be able to stay with it. We
also have some patients who quit the program because they just don’t want to
give up any of the sweets and white flour products. We understand this because
we know how addictive the sugars are. Of course, in your case, we want to keep
you on the program long enough so that you can see how well it works. This is,
again, a big reason to change the diet slowly.

            The Page Fundamental Food Plan that
we have as an available handout is a great learning tool to help with diet
changes. It has a great track record and history. We want you to be able to
learn how to change your diet and improve it on your own so that someday you
won’t need our guidance. An important aspect of our program, too, is that the
better you can do on your diet, the less nutritional supplements you will need
to be healthy and energetic. This also makes it easier to stay on the program.
We really do want you to be successful and were here to help in any way we can.

 Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, Live Well – Dr. Mark

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