Where One Door Closes

Hello Natural Health Family! For a Midwest spring it sure got hot. It sometimes can feel like many things are heating up. You could notice the weather changes, turn the tv and watch the news, or see what is all going on in the world as of today. Life will always have its rhythms and it’s up to us to navigate them respectfully. 

Have you ever heard of the story about the Chinese farmer? It is a short story. If not you can do a quick internet search and watch a film or hear an audio about it. However, I thought it was relevant to the topic today. The story explains all of the different types of things that happen to a Chinese farmer and his family back in a time of war and scarcity. It depicts what appears to be good happenings and bad happenings. Nonetheless, the Chinese farmer is not swayed. He actually takes the stand point that although what appears to be good or what appears to be bad he sees as neutral as just another happening. Now I am not saying this is right or wrong but it can help us learn a valuable lesson. Many occurrences or experiences that we have in life can seem extreme, good or bad. However, I think many of us have experienced a time where when something didn’t work out another opportunity opened that may have been even better for us. It’s similar to the phrase “where one door closes another one opens.” In the moment it can be difficult to take a step back and see it through a different perspective but this helps us not to get so caught up in what could appear as a series of unfortunate events. 

So there you have it. You never know how things can line up and work out for you. Life has a rhythm but also a tendency to balance itself out. Sometimes it can take chaos or a mess to bring order.  Perhaps next time you find yourself in a similar scenario practice to take a step back and be patient with whatever may be happening. You never know, Life could actually be working out for you.

Thanks for reading!

Dr. Chip