Why am I so tired?

Why am I so tired?
            Tiredness can be interpreted many
ways and is a symptom of the bodies underlying problems of energy production,
or lack thereof.
 In the natural healing world, we look to find
the cause of that particular person’s tiredness or fatigue.
There can be
many causes and we work with the principal that anything can cause anything. It
is so important to find the underlying cause as just using products to force
the body to have more energy can actually cause more problems and deepen the
condition and lead to worse disease processes.
 We are always going to look at diet and
lifestyle and try to improve those to reduce the stress that the body is under
which gives the body more energy far living well.
common causes of tiredness and fatigue that we see in our office would include
an underactive thyroid, heavy metal toxicity, underlying infectious processes
that the body can’t completely get rid of, food allergies, depression and
anxiety, and many others.
The key is
to work with the patient and find out which one or more underlying conditions
we need to handle so that the person has normal energy. Giving the condition a
name like chronic fatigue doesn’t really help anything, you must find the
cause. And even with the conditions listed above, if the underlying condition
is lack of digestion, then you won’t digest your normal food and it will not
nourish the body.
So all these
factors must be looked at to regain Natural Health.

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