Why Are Seed Oils Bad?

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Another great weekend and hope you
enjoyed the sunshine! Don’t forget to use coconut oil on the skin for those
sunny days and sunburns. This oil is great for keeping the skin soft and
warding off peeling. We seem to be catching enough rain so that everything is
staying green and looks great. We’ve caught some nice breezes over the weekend
and being outside wasn’t too bad, as long as you wasn’t working or in direct
sunshine all the time. Enjoy the heat and don’t forget to stay hydrated and
eating good sea salt or mineral salt.

            One of our themes for July is Summer
Fun and we will be talking about that on Monday evening during our health shop.
It’s a strange summer without all the fairs and usual events that we go to and
we’ll see how that affects our health in the long term. I think people will
definitely miss the interaction with others but they won’t be eating all the
crappy fair food that is available there. I’m including an article that I may
have sent similar information about before but it’s becoming much more
important. It’s about staying away from vegetable and seed oils as these
polyunsaturated fatty acids, or PUFAs, can wreak havoc with our cells and
energy production. They’re also cumulative and cause more trouble the more that
you use them. The video that comes along with this article is very interesting
and the doctor there explains things quite well. I have watched several of his
YouTube videos and it makes lots of sense. Most people know that they feel
worse after eating fried fish or fried anything in these bad oils but most
aren’t sure if it’s the food or to the oil, it’s the oil. The liver doesn’t
like it and the body will suffer some consequences of it. If you get into the
history of these oils, you’ll find they started out as machine oils and were
used by manufacturers because they didn’t go rancid like nutritious oils do.
Mainstream medicine has been pooh-poohing the good oils for decades now and
notice how degenerative disease has climbed. Again these nutritious oils have
vitamin A, D, E, and K in them and are essential for good health, especially
the cardiovascular system and the immune system. There is so much to learn with
oils and we help patients with that every day here at Natural Health. We have
free consultations going on right now so tell everyone so that they can be
truly healthy and not have to worry about the viruses and other bugs out there. 

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-Dr. Mark