Why is the Nutritional Testing We Do So Important?

Why is the Nutritional
Testing We Do   So Important?
            The answer to this is simple. People
spend millions of dollars per year on vitamins, oils, super foods, super
drinks, etc. and yet our health in this country is getting worse. This is
because these people, who are trying to help their health, are listening to
marketing and advertising information rather than knowing exactly what
nutrition they need and how they need it. There is a lot to know in the
nutrition field on the right kinds of nutrition so that it nourishes the body
and helps the body to heal, and being able to get the patient’s body to a state
where it will absorb the nutrition and utilize it correctly.
            In doing our Nutrition Response
Testing technique, we are able to learn from the body what state it is in. We
can then determine what steps are needed to get the body working towards true
health and vitality. Normally when patients first come in, they must go through
a period of detox and drainage of all the junk and toxins they have stored for
sometimes decades. This junk and toxins are negative energies to the body and
plug up or interfere with metabolism and proper function. This is one of the
reasons why people feel tired and wore out all the time. After we get some detox
and drainage to happen, we can work on digestion and getting the body to absorb
the nutrition we use to rebuild it. Patients must also realize that we must fix
the gut because most have been abusing it 3 times a day during their lifetime.
Your intestines will absorb simple carbohydrates easily but the proteins, fats,
and minerals are much harder so it is important that we know where that body is
at in its ability to absorb and digest food.
            To help the body and patient as
quickly and economically as possible, it is imperative to do the nutrition
testing on a regular basis to monitor progress and work through any barriers
that are present or show up. It’s like peeling off the layers of an onion, you
have to dig through all the problems that have been there for a lifetime to achieve
true natural health and vitality. The importance of the nutritional testing
cannot be overstated!