Why Resolutions Don’t Work

 Happy New Years to You! Throughout my 27 years of living, much of that time I have started out the year with a New Year’s Resolution that sometimes they go well and some don’t. Many times I even gave myself guilt for failing to complete my resolutions. Why are New Year’s Resolutions a struggle and some are easier? Well we will have to dive in a little deeper to understand the why behind that question and how to provide you with much more Energy in your life. The mind is where you will find that answer to why resolutions don’t work. The subconscious mind works on habit and these habits control 99% of your life. You have formed habits of how you walk, talk, work, hug, play, and eat. This mind also has all of your attitude, behaviors, thoughts, emotions, personality traits, energy levels and literally everything else. All being conditioned from your past. The mind’s habits play on a different scale that many are not familiar with.. The definition of a resolution is a firm decision to DO or not to DO something. As it pertains to the mind, DOING something over and over is a harder way to make sure a resolution sticks because of how the mind works. When something is conditioned in the mind, that will change you from BEING your old self to BEING your new self walking, talking, hugging, playing, eating and so on.

It’s the BEING that will make the resolution stick. Many people eat healthy foods and exercise a lot but are still very unhealthy! What? Why!? I highly recommend DOING it another way. Let me help you understand. Let’s say my New Year’s Resolution is to BE healthier. I can go to the store and get healthier food, I can exercise, and stress over why I’m not seeing any difference in my life. Ya, I am DOING the right things to that resolution, but who am I BEING when I am going to the store, eating and exercising? 

If you truly want to make everlasting changes in your life and more energy, you will need to BE the person as if it is already true. BEING that person AS IF it is ALREADY TRUE! That’s the image that gets conditioned into the mind. If you are BEING someone that is nervous, guileful and stressed out about achieving your resolution and DOING things the same way, you’re literally conditioning the mind with who you are BEING. If you are DOING it that way, I personally wouldn’t expect the results that you are desiring. So Let’s Change How You Are BEING! 

Again, let’s say my New Year’s Resolution is BE healthier. When I go to the store getting my food, I’m BEING that person as if the New Year’s Resolution is already a solid foundation in my mind and life. My attitude and behaviors towards my health would feel confident, happy and thankful for my health success.

I’m thinking that eating healthy is not a struggle and I am expecting health results to come. Lastly, I’m acting vibrantly with the acceptance that I was unhealthy but now I am not. I am BEING that Ideal Healthy version of myself. When I have conditioned that feeling of BEING that Healthy Self in my mind, that is what happens when a resolution works. That’s it, switch it from DOING things from that limited perspective of being unhealthy to BEING that person as if you’re already Healthy right Now. Once you have a firm grasp of who you would BE if that resolution is in your life, then DO those things as that Healthy Human BEING. Then you will HAVE that resolution of your desires. 

What would your life BE like if all your New Year’s Resolutions were all fulfilled? Contemplate and Imagine that BEING of YOU as if it is already true. DO what is necessary and HAVE the life of your dreams!

Be Do and Have a Wonderful Life,

Coach Ed