Why would a newborn get adjusted?

          As the baby develops during the
nine-month term, the uterus gets pretty crowded. The spine is in a big C curve and
the middle of this curve is around the 6th thoracic vertebra. If
this vertebra is not in correct alignment, the nerve there gets irritated and
this nerve controls how the stomach works. This problem can lead to colic in
the newborn and is easily remedied by a chiropractic adjustment. The biggest
need for a newborn adjustment, though, is when forceps or clamps are used in
the delivery process, along with twisting or pulling on the newborns head and
neck. As you can imagine, this can cause all kinds of misalignment issues in
the cervical and upper thoracic vertebra. Not getting these subluxations
corrected will lend towards later symptoms and spinal problems, like headaches
and asthma.