Wind and Rain

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

we were back to some cooler temperatures this past week but there are many
signs of Spring coming. Some folks are telling me about flowers that are
starting to poke out from the ground and we are seeing a lot of geese and ducks
flying over so we know that it’s just around the corner. It will be so nice to
see things green up again and see leaves on the trees and that fresh smell of
spring. We’re still getting reports of folks fighting so were throats and colds
and things like that. Don’t forget that we have great nutritional support
available to help the immune system get over these things quickly so that they
don’t drag on into spring and leave us with “allergies”.

forget that we have changed our scheduling on the Health Shops and Patient
Education Workshops. This week will be the live health shop that will be on
Facebook and Instagram at 6:15 and then we’ll post that to and
YouTube. This month were talking about Heart Health and so lots of good
information about the heart and circulatory system. The good thing about the
heart, is that is just a big muscle and can be fixed fairly easily, if certain
parameters are followed. We have been getting some great results with our heart
sound recorder and patients are really enjoying that information as well.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the problems with this fake
meat that is ultra-processed and will undoubtedly cause health problems in the
long run. It’s an effort by big food companies to control our food sources and
make more money. As usual, they don’t care anything about our health but just
their bottom financial line. Mankind has been eating real meets for millennia
and the only problem with them is people’s ability to digest them. As people
age, especially past 35 to 40, they lose some of the ability to produce stomach
acid which makes it hard for them to digest heavier or red meats. That’s why most
older people like chicken or turkey because it is easier for them to handle.
When they don’t digest correctly, the food rots and causes an acid to be formed
which is part of the problem with the acid reflux issue or Gerd. We find that
if we can get the stomach lining to heal and then start helping the body
produce the right kind of stomach acid, digestion returns and the body is able
to heal itself because it can provide itself with the building blocks
necessary. Taking a proton pump inhibitor just makes this process the opposite.
When people don’t absorb the nutrition that they eat, they can’t repair
themselves and age faster. Mainstream medicine seems to have no clue about this
and hands out these PPIs like candy. It’s another simple principle in human
physiology that is lost on the mainstream medical folk. 

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Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark