Winter and Positive Thinking

 Hello Natural Health family. We have been blessed with great warm weather recently. We all know soon that the weather will be colder, the snow will fall and days are already shorter. This happens every year so relax. Many people tend to get caught up in the “negative” aspects of the winter months and the weather that comes with it. Well since it is coming anyway then how about looking at all the good to come.  

Now I know that it can be difficult to look at things in a more positive way especially if we have had some bad experiences with it. In regards to the snow fall you might dread to think of all the snow you have had to shovel. Or the freezing temperatures that may have caused issues such as pipes bursting. We have had all our fair shares of so called problems that we had to face with the wintery months. However, what about the many great things such as when you were younger. You may have liked to go sledding, had some snowball fights, built some snowmen (and women) with relatives. I am sure that there have been great times when the cold came that you got to spend with others. Sometimes when we think as a child then we are able to appreciate all that we really have and how we can make the best of things. Imagine all that has been done for us to have heat in our homes, nice warm showers, clothes to keep us warm, etc. Many have worked and much technology has been created for everyone to safely experience the winter months. 

Why do I bring this up and think it is important? When we start to complain or use negative emotions in excess to the point that we become anxious or depressed, then we cause ourselves to become vulnerable to illness. Especially in these different times and as the cold comes, we should practice being grateful for what we have and what we are able to do. We should also share with others a more positive attitude and realize that everyone sees winter differently based on past experiences. We should encourage others to look for the good and enjoy his or her company. Just like every snowflake has a unique pattern, every person is different so we should not be so quick to judge or blame. We may be different but like the flakes being a part of one snowfall, we too as humans are all part of humanity. We are all unique but at the same time are all connected. 

I know that these times can seem chaotic and out of the normal so it is up to everyone to practice the “unnatural.” When others are reacting and being disturbed, be the one who they can see as staying calm. When we stay relaxed we are able to make better decisions in the moment. Stay healthy everyone and thanks for reading! 

– Dr. Chip