Winter is Coming

 Good day Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone had a good weekend.
As we all know, winter is coming. With winter comes more times of darkness,
celebrations, cold, etc. However, we are in fall and with fall comes change.
It’s interesting to see that as the seasons change, we also may be going
through changes with different aspects of our life. Whatever season we are in
it is important that we can stay healthy and focus on what we can do to help
ourselves through what can be seen as challenging times.

    Have you ever wondered how
people were able to make it through certain times in history? Imagine times
where people may not have had enough food, water, or shelter. The times where
many didn’t know if they would make it through the winter. Or when wars were
spread across countries and nations. We may forget about these times because of
how our society is built now. However, it helps us to see relatively how
blessed we are and what all we have in our lives. Just think about what we can
do in today’s age. When we are too hot, we can run the air conditioning. When
it is too cold, we turn on the heat. Think about how easy it is to do this and
how much time and effort had to be taken back then for that to be the case. We
may take for granted the many things that we are so easily able to access. This
can help us to slow down in the busy and fast-paced life we sometimes are in
and appreciate what we have now. When there is so much technology to keep us
connected with other things and people, we tend to not take time to connect
with ourselves and just be present with what is. When there is so much change
in life it is important to make time throughout the week to slow down and take
it all in appreciating what life offers us.

    Winter is coming and there is
nothing stopping it. Therefore, let’s not be too concerned about the changes
and all what’s going on in life but being sure to make ourselves balanced
enough to withstand anything life brings. Life is too short not to take moments
to realize what a gift it can be. 

Have a great week!

Dr. Chip