Winter Weather

 Hello Everyone In Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you all had a great weekend despite the winter weather.  It’s not extremely bad weather yet but it is
winter.  I don’t know if it’s wishful
thinking, but I’m noticing that the days are getting a little longer so that
we’re going towards Spring sometime soon-ish. 
I know that we always have some really bad weather during our winters
but every good day is one less bad day hopefully.  As old as I am, I do remember some really
good winter’s that had 70° days in them, and some bad winter’s that had a lot
of -20° days with snow in them.  It’s
just how the weather works.  And don’t
forget that this up and down temperature change is a major stressor to the body
and we have great nutritional products here to help the body handle these
stresses, and all the other ones too.

thankful that were headed back into normal schedules now and that includes
being able to do our health shops on Monday nights.  We’re changing the format of them a little
bit in that were going to talk about symptoms that people have, rather than
just organs or conditions.  We’re hoping
to get patients, and future patients, to understand that we’re here to help
with the underlying cause of problems, and not just working on the symptoms of
the day.  At Natural Health, our goal is
to help people actually be healthy and not need medical treatment, including
drugs and surgery.  Now these things may
be important in an emergency, but most people forget that you need to address
the underlying cause so that the emergency doesn’t come back.  Mainstream medicine is very good with
emergency conditions but doesn’t do well with long-term health.  That’s what we’re here for.  So, this month, we’re talking about Weight
Loss and Health.  This week’s health shop
is basically about weight loss and the underlying causes of weight gain.  It should be very interesting information for
people that normally go on diets at the first of the year, but find they don’t
work very well by the end of the year.

article than sending along this week looks at just being happy with less
stuff.  Doing this is called Minimalism
and is a good way of reducing stress in your life.  It’s an easy thing to fall into thinking we
have to do things or buy things to be happy, and the truth is that we can be
happy just by telling ourselves to be happy. 
I think we’ve all been through the action of buying something new
thinking it was great and in two weeks, or less, the new has worn off and we’re
back to the same old drudgery.  It
becomes a decision we have to make to be happy and not rely on things or other
people to make it so.  And with that
being said, there are some nutritional aspects of anxiety and depression that
we work with here at Natural Health.  The
body must be able to coordinate its healing and hormone actions so that we have
energy to do what we want, like being happy. 
And again, it’s looking at the underlying condition and not treating
just a symptom with medication.  Let’s
all have a much happier and healthier 2024.  

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark