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Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Well we all survived another week
and weekend despite what the mainstream media tells us is going to happen-ha.
It was quite a mix of weather with rain and cold and sunshine and whatever.
Were actually having Spring this year, something were not used to. Whenever you
can though, get out into the sunshine and fresh air. It’s so nice to see the
grass green and the trees getting they’re leaves back and life coming back
everywhere. Such a positive time of the year and so hopeful.

            Our topic for this month is women’s
health and tonight we will have our health shop on pregnancy and infertility
that will end up on YouTube and Brighteon.com if you don’t see it tonight. It’s
kind of hard to work into usual topics when were still in lockdown mode for
this virus business. The article that I’m sending along looks at using
ultraviolet light as a treatment and some information on ozone therapy which
are 2 things we have used for years here at Natural Health. I’m hoping that
people are seeing the chaos in the medical system and wondering how they can
put their trust in a system that is making bonus money for people dying. I’m
even seeing some medical doctors on social media trying to understand what’s
going on behind the scenes. Chiropractors and alternative healthcare
professionals have seen this system work this way for years. Big Pharma has
“brainwashed” many of those in that system with information that only comes
from paid for research without a lot of truth and that’s what’s got us into
this problem of lowered immunity and sickness in our country.

            At Natural Health, we always try to
give information that is truthful and helps our patients to be actually healthy
and have strong immune systems. It may not be the most popular information, and
is sometimes hard to do, but is based on how the body works and years of
experience in practice. There are so many positive things people can do to help
themselves but they must also stay away from the major problem causer’s, like
eating loads of refined sugar, to stay healthy. We are also working at
long-term health and helping patients stay out of nursing homes, which seems to
be an epicenter of this virus business and fatalities. Many lessons should be
learned from this “plandemic”. 

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