Women’s health: Clearing Misconceptions About Osteoporosis

I hope that you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend.  We did get quite a few different kinds of weather.  From hot and sunny too cold and rainy.  Everybody should be happy-ha.  It will be nice when the gnats go away.  I just love that everything is so green and growing and so far, don’t even mind mowing the grass.  Don’t forget that we have great products here to help with allergy symptoms which are basically just the liver being overloaded with pollen and dust and mold and the like.

This month in our health shops, we’re continuing the theme of Women’s Health and this week coming up, we will be talking about Osteoporosis.  At Natural Health, we know lots of good ways to help to avoid Osteoporosis and can even help patients understand what that word means, especially as it pertains to the medical reports.  There’s a lot of misinformation out there on Osteoporosis and we want to try to help clear that up.  So don’t miss the health shop coming up on this next Monday at 6: 15 live on Instagram and Facebook and then later recorded to Brighteon.com and Youtube eventually.  We’re really trying to get good information out there so that people know there is an alternative to all these drugs and treatments that are never good for the body but may work on certain symptoms.  They may cause a side effect, you get another drive to take care of that, and on and on.  I see so many older people, especially, who are on lots of medications and many of them are to help of side effects of the earlier ones.  We want to try to break that cycle and get people to realize that your body is meant to be well without taking medications are having treatments.

The article that I’m sending along looks at a study done to basically prove that teenagers eating lots of junk food lends them towards permanent memory problems as they get older.  This only makes sense to me because we know that junk food has no nutritional value, so that when these young people are growing, they do not have the building blocks the body needs to get the job done.  We’ve also seen in our practice, though, the body is very resilient and if treated correctly, many of these problems will be solved by the body’s innate ability to heal itself, which it has done for thousands and thousands of years.  It’s only been in the recent decades that people have all these problems with the degenerative type diseases.  Most of its coming from the use of refined flour and sugar, and the use of refined seed oils, and other problems that we address here at Natural Health.  It really isn’t rocket science to understand that the body needs good nutrition, either from the food you eat, or from nutritional supplements, for all the bodily systems to work correctly.  This is what health is, not just a lack of pain and symptoms. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark