Women’s Health Month

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend and were able to stay warm with all the cold
temperatures and wind. Dr. Chip and I were in a seminar in Normal Illinois, and
learned more about the energies of the body and how people are really looking
for improvements in health and are getting tired of the mainstream medicine
drugs and surgery only healthcare. It was really nice to see a room full of
doctors who were looking at health and well-being and were helping their
patients on that path. When we listen to the legacy news, all we hear about is
the bad things that are going on, unfortunately, but there are so many good
people out there trying to get good things to happen. Between mainstream
medicine and the mainstream media, it’s hard to find truth and positive
information. The seminar that we attended was full of both and was really
enjoyable to see all those people working towards positive goals, and helping
this world to be a better place. Good things are possible!

week will be our patient education workshop Monday night, and these are geared
towards helping our patients in the nutritional side of our practice,
understand how Nutrition Response Testing works. We are using the energies of
the body, and with the testing, asking that body what it needs to be healthy.
This is a totally unheard-of science in mainstream medicine. Their blinders are
on using drugs and surgery, and if you’re going to use those things, you must
be very aware of the possible side effects and dangers therein. When using
Chiropractic adjustments, good whole food nutritional supplements, and  correct dietary information, the only way is
up and working towards true natural health. In our patient education workshops,
we are educating our patients about what it takes to be actually healthy and
getting them away from the mainstream model of eat all the junk you want and
then we will give you medication to control your symptoms. This is actually disease
management and not healthcare. Just so you know, everyone is welcome at the
patient’s education workshops but we ask that you call the office and reserve a
seat as we have special handouts, we call a goodie bag, to give to those that
come and need to have preparations for that.

month in our health shop, we will be talking about Women’s Health. We see a lot
of women in our practice because women are much more attuned to how their body
works and want to be actually healthy. Many men want to be healthy too, but
most are just happy to be pain free. The Moms out there are working on helping
to get their whole family healthy and we talk a lot about that in our patient
education workshops and our health shops. Again, talking about positive and
helpful information, we strive to present that to all of our patients and work
them towards actual health and get them off of medications that are
unnecessary. The article that I’m sending along looks at the problems with all
this medication and relying upon that for supposedly “healthcare”. I think most
people are seeing that that model is not working. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy,
and Live Well

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Dr. Mark