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Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Well if you liked rain, you surely
like last weekend. All the moisture is sure helping the grass to grow and
getting the leaves grown out on the trees. It’s such a special time of year
with everything getting green and growing. Just a little hard to get the
gardens in with the ground being so wet. The flowers are coming up and looking
great and I’m sure we’ll get those gardens in eventually. You might have to
bale the grass though.

            Our theme for this month is women’s
health and the topic for this week, especially in our health shop tonight, is
women’s cancers and top topics. With this plan-demic going on, it’s hard to
think of anything else. Talking about this virus issue though, coincides with
talking about cancer and the immune system. There is much evidence out there
that many cancers come from viruses and as we all know, cancers are result of a
poorly functioning immune system. Your immune system normally takes care of
cancer cells in the body but if it is not working well then some of these cells
slip by and start a colony. This becomes what medical personnel find and want
to remove. As in our current situation, people need to know and understand that
keeping their immune system strengthened is so important for so many things and
eating junk food and sugar and all that is why we’re in this mess right now. At
Natural Health, we help patients understand this and keep them healthy and well
so they don’t have to worry about cancers and viruses.

            The article I’m sending along looks
at the ability to trust the mainstream media. It’s pretty simple to realize
that not only do the people that own these outlets have a certain view they
want expressed but the advertisers who pay for their business want certain
views expressed too. Big Pharma has its money in many places and it’s important
for people to look for truth in how their body works and what they need to do
to keep it in good shape, not just fall for the advertising hype and control of
our information with big money. One of our goals at Natural Health is
enlightening and educating patients so that they can make informed decisions
about their health and their family’s health. It’s really a shame to see people
follow the crowd and then end up with bad outcomes and big expenses and medical

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-Dr. Mark