Hello again everyone. Today we will continue the series of emotions and specifically talk about worry and hope. These emotions affect many people today and this post will help you understand the relevance they play in your health. 

Worry comes when we are thinking about the future based on our experience or memories of the past. It makes us fearful of what is going to happen or what could go wrong. It causes distress in our minds and leads to other feelings such as that of fear, anxiety, regret, etc. When our minds are constantly being preoccupied by past or future events our mind gets scattered and our nervous systems become overly sensitive. This may lead to many illnesses if not checked. Everyone is going through or will go through challenges and experiences in life that may bring the emotion of worry. When we experience a challenge we must either overcome it or adapt to it. Many people tend to try to think constantly for a solution to a problem and when no solution appears we start to worry. This worry results in the disorganization of the body and mind leading to further illness and suffering. Think of what your body does if you begin to worry about something. For some, the heart rate increases, they may get sweaty, start to breath heavily or lose their appetite. Then as a person has trouble with a certain bodily function such as sleep for instance, then they concentrate on getting to sleep that only stops them from being able to get to sleep. Only until they stop thinking about it can they fall asleep. This shows how worry has the capacity to affect our health and our lives. Everyone must go through challenges in life and we must understand that change is an inevitable process of life. What may seem like a serious problem for someone could be nothing to worry about for another. If you are reading this most likely you are doing better than you think. Life has its so called ups and downs. Many strive to be perfect but fail to realize how many of the greats back then failed many times before they were able to achieve their goal. What is considered defeats and failures that we experience in our lives are our greatest learning points. 

Hope is a positive emotion that has the capacity to keep people moving forward. When we have circumstances in our lives it is hope that brings faith that it will work out in the end. The superhero known as Superman is an iconic figure in today’s society. The superman man symbol is actually a symbol that means hope. When we are hopeful for something we always think more about the positive or what could go right rather than what might go wrong. Hope is what drives every person to be better than they were before. It helps athletes strive to be the best. It also helps people who have lost everything due to natural disasters know that they will find help. Hope is most notable in the medical situations when confronted with a poor diagnosis. The doctor and family with hope realize that where there is life there is still a chance. We must not undermine the power of what hope can do for an individual. It can be a means to eliminate worry in many situations that might at the moment cause us to react and fret about a certain situation. When we look back at all the things that we worried about and see that it all worked out, then we start to realize that replacing worry with hope can not only help us feel better about conditions in our lives but actually keep us healthy.    

It is important to plan our lives so that we know our direction. However, life brings about challenges to test our resilience and our choices to choose worry or hope. When we start choosing hope more we will build endurance to have faith in all our life’s so called obstacles. Hope is a good thing and when we start to see how it brings about good we can change the sense of hoping for things to believing that it will work out in the end if we give our energy to the positive outcome. Thanks for reading and have a great day!