Your Health and mRNA Shots

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

              I hope that you had an enjoyable weekend, even though it was a little stormy and cold. It seems that were done with Summer weather for a while and back to Spring. It sure keeps your clothing choices interesting and tough to decide which coat to wear. It’s great to see the grass growing and the flowers coming up but it seems like the trees are taking quite a bit longer to get leaves on. Maybe they are smarter than the rest of us-ha. One of these days it will warm up though, and we will be ready for Summer. Don’t forget to use sea salt with the liquids you drink to keep yourself hydrated. Eventually it will get hot again.

              This week is another Patient Education Workshop so keep that in mind when talking to other folks that may need our help to get them healthy. In our Patient Education Workshops, we are helping to get people to know how to help themselves be actually healthy and not need to have medical interventions. Also, we want them to be able to live a long healthy quality life and not have to resort to medications to cover up symptoms that cause trouble. The Human body is an amazing creation, and if treated correctly, will stay healthy and last a long time. Our goal at Natural Health, is to help patients keep their bodies working correctly, and this in turn helps the mind to work correctly. It’s much easier to enjoy life we are not worried about health issues.

              The article that I’m sending along today looks at the problems with the mRNA shots used in our food supply and what problems that can cause. There is so much news coming out now about the problems with these shots and it’s important to find food sources that are not contaminated, if possible. I think that science thought these things were the best thing since sliced bread, but they are not turning out to be as great as they thought, and have their own side effects. We are all the striving at Natural Health, to help keep our patients healthy naturally, and not rely on external treatments and therapies. Our bodies have a natural ability to keep itself healthy if given the right nutrition and stay away from things that are detrimental to our health, like toxins and gene therapies. Our bodies have an amazing ability to stay healthy if just treated correctly, and that’s our goal here at Natural Health. We strive to help our patients understand what it takes to be healthy and give them the tools to live life enjoyably and healthy. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark