Your Immune System and Winter

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                What a
nice Fall weekend! I know, it’s a little cool but the sun was out and we didn’t
get any bad weather. It’s just accepting that Fall is here and might as well
enjoy it. It sure has gotten dry again and I know that’s lending towards a lot
of sinus problems due to all the dust and pollen in the air. We are using a lot
of our product called Antronex , to help the liver have a higher capacity to
drain lymphatics and get the gunk to go out through the bowel rather than
backing up into the sinuses. We are also trying to remind patients to keep
themselves hydrated and that helps the lymph fluids to drain correctly. And
don’t forget that hydration includes not only good quality water but also the
electrolytes, which is just a fancy word for mineral or sea salt.

forget about our health shops that were having on Monday nights at 6:15 live on
Instagram and Facebook and then recorded on and YouTube. This
month were talking about getting Ready for Winter and this week were talking
about Preparing the Immune System to handle the cold weather and the cold and
flu season. I always like to remind people that the bugs are always out there
but it’s your immune system that has to be working correctly to ward off
sicknesses. We will all be exposed to everybody coughing and hacking at work or
shopping or whatever, but if you have a strong immune system working for you,
you won’t get sick or have a very light reaction. On the other hand, if your
immune system is working poorly, the common flu can put you in the hospital for
a couple weeks. If you figure out the cost of all that, lost wages, lost time,
and just downright aggravation, the cost of a few supplements is very little
and works much better than being in the hospital. “An ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure”-remember that saying?

article that I’m sending along looks at the need to have a working gallbladder.
Now I know there are many people out there who have had theirs removed, but if
you can keep it, and keep it working correctly, the body will be much happier.
And to remember that when a gallbladder goes “bad”, this is an indication that
the liver is not happy and just removing the gallbladder does nothing to help
the liver. At Natural Health, and with Nutrition Response Testing and good
Chiropractic care, we can help keep the organs working correctly, and at
optimum energy, so that the body can do what it needs to do to stay healthy.
Your liver does so many things for the body that it’s almost as important as
the heart but most people don’t realize that. Plus, our environment, with all
the chemicals and toxins, strain the liver already and then adding anything to
it causes it to be overloaded. This is what happens to the gallbladder over
time where the bile is not produced correctly and is not released correctly and
the gallbladder gets overloaded with stones and toxins and goes “bad”. Just
removing an organ or gland does not help with strengthening the immune system or
the other systems of the body. It just removes a symptom. 

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Dr. Mark